Approved I-601 Waiver of Unlawful Presence Based On Extreme Hardship & I-212 Waiver After Prior Removal

We are thrilled to share with you all that we have successfully secured the grant of an unlawful presence waiver on the basis of extreme hardship to a qualifying relative, as well as approval of a request for permission to reapply for admission following a prior removal order for our lovely clients. 

Mr. and Mrs. J are Indonesian refugees of Chinese heritage who escaped persecution from their home country and restarted their lives in the U.S. After years of struggle, Mr. J was ultimately granted U.S. citizenship while Mrs. J was ordered removed. 

Our office prepared a complex argument seeking waiver of Mrs. J's unlawful presence grounds of inadmissibility, establishing through extensive documentation the extreme hardship Mr. J and their two U.S. citizen children would suffer if Mrs. J was not allowed to join her family in the U.S. Relying on the continuing discrimination against people of Chinese descent in Indonesia, the financial impact of departure from the U.S., and the severe physical and mental distress caused by this separation, we documented the extreme hardship. We further established in great detail that the positive discretionary factors outweighed any negative factors. 

The USCIS agreed, and as a result, Mrs. J was granted the permission to reunite with her husband and two young children. 

From Detention and Removal to Green Card Approval in Only 2.5 Years

Our client, Mr. Q, was apprehended by ICE and held in detention until his release on bond. He was scheduled to appear in immigration court nearly 700 miles away from his home. We successfully obtained a change of venue for his case, and then went on to have his case dismissed from immigration court entirely to allow him to adjust his status through USCIS. With our assistance, Mr. Q, a senior citizen, national of Pakistan, and proud father of a U.S. Marine Corps. combat veteran, is now a newly minted permanent resident of the United States. It was our pleasure to work with him and his amazing family throughout this difficult process, and we wish him success as he begins this new chapter of his life! 

Syrian Asylum Approval: political opinion, religion, and membership in a particular social group

We are excited to share the approval of Mr. K's asylum application! Mr. K escaped from Syria a few years after the start of the conflict. During his time there, Mr. K had been kidnapped, detained, beaten, and tortured for strongly opposing the Assad regime. Mr. K faced similar abuses when he was targeted as a practicing Sunni Muslim. Furthermore, Mr. K faces the threat of future persecution due to his membership in a particular social group: young Syrian men who have fled the country to evade conscription into the Syrian army. We carefully researched country conditions that corroborated every detail in Mr. K's story, and crafted a detailed legal analysis establishing his eligibility for asylum. Fortunately, Mr. K can now live in the safety and freedom afforded by the U.S. 

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