Applicants may be declared inadmissible for several health-related reasons, either because they are a carrier of a disease of public health significance, lack required vaccinations, have a physical or mental disorder that poses a threat to themselves or others, or are deemed to be a drug abuser or addict. These issues often arise as part of required medical examinations that occur prior to a visa interview, and are reported in the doctor's findings to U.S. immigration authorities. Applicants who have been arrested or convicted for an alcohol- or drug-related offense may be referred back to visit a doctor for further questioning after the visa interview. These grounds of inadmissibility also exclude persons who are HIV-positive from obtaining U.S. immigration benefits without special permission.

All health-related grounds of inadmissibility may be waived in the context of non-immigrant visas and most may be waived for immigrant visas. However, persons deemed to be drug abusers or addicts are ineligible to receive immigrant visas or adjust status in the United States.

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