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Check the status of your case

Important Notice!

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 10122078 (posted Dec. 20, 2010)" 

The Customer Relationship Interface System (CRIS) is USCIS’s online tracking system that provides case status information. For example, CRIS notes when a case is received, is in process, if an RFE was sent, and if a decision was made. CRIS also indicates when a file has been transferred from the Service Center to another Service Center or local office. 

At a recent AILA/USCIS Liaison meeting, AILA expressed its concerns regarding failures in CRIS updates. Of particular concern is when CRIS indicates that a file was transferred to another Service Center or local office, but there is no indication as to which office the file was actually transferred. Moreover, once a file is updated in CRIS as transferred, no further updates are made. So, for example, if an RFE is issued, it will not be so indicated in CRIS. As such, an attorney checking CRIS and watching for updates may not receive notice of important developments. If an RFE is sent but not received, and there is no indication of an RFE in CRIS, the case may be denied due to abandonment, particularly if USCIS records indicate that the notice was mailed to a correct address. 

USCIS’s Customer Service Directorate acknowledged AILA’s concerns, and explained that this problem has occurred as a result of the failure of action codes in the CLAIMS systems to transfer to the CRIS system. The Customer Service Directorate recently scheduled a new release which should correct the problem; however, as of the publication of this update, we have been unable to confirm that it has actually been corrected. AILA will continue to provide information to members as this situation develops.